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Caregiver Resources

As our communities age, solutions to caring for elders are growing in numbers and in forms.  Until recently, many people believed placement in full time nursing homes was the only option for elder care.  Fortunately, new ideas and creative solutions have been devised around the country to meet families needs.

Definitions of LTC Options:

In-Home Companion/Aids provide one-on-one care to the elderly in the client’s home.  Level of service varies.  Some in-home aides provide assistance with daily personal care, meals preparation and light housekeeping.  Others offer companionship only and can help with driving and shopping, but do not help with showers, toileting or housekeeping.  In-Home Companions/Aids definitely do not dispense medication, although they may remind a client when medication is due.  Agencies typically charge $22/hour and require a 3-hour minimum.

Assisted Living Communities provide a safer home to live for the elderly.  Most communities have safety rails, wheel chair access, ramps and other safety features most private homes do not.  At minimum, ALCs provide easy access for emergency services with wide hallways and elevators. Some ALCs provide meals with a dining program, some offer personal care assistants or housekeeping services.  Most ALCs do not offer nurses to dispense medication or provide treatment and do not provide monitoring for clients who are not safe left alone.  Costs vary widely with the national average at $140/day.

Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities are homes for the elderly that provide nurses to dispense medication and provide treatment.  SNFs always provide personal care assistance, monitoring, meals and social activities.  This option is the safest place for fragile elders or those who cannot be left alone.  This care option is the most expensive with the national average of $260-292/day.

Adult Day Services deliver skilled nursing services at the day center for clients who want to remain living at home, whether home is a private residence or independent living community.  Clients are monitored medically, medication and treatments are delivered by nurses, and staff help clients with personal care needs like toileting and bathing.  Social and stimulating activities are planned throughout the day to keep the participant active and engaged.  Because ADS is a day only service, clients only attend on days they need and go home to spouses and families in the evenings and weekends.  The national average cost of ADS is$76/day.

2018 Triangle Adult Day Care:  List of Certified Adult Day Services in the Triangle

Caregiver Support Meetings
Complementary daycare for loved ones during the meeting

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Complementary daycare for loved ones during the meeting

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